How to Use the Theory of Attributes in Probability

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My intention is not to prove anything right or wrong,but as a student it is just a piece of my thinking compiled with little research. This is an article establish the relationship between the use of theory of attributes and probability.

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Attributes and its theory:

Attributes and its theory:

There are two types of characteristics, one is quantitative like height, weight,price,etc. which can be measured cardinally,that is,numerically.The other type of characteristics is qualitative characteristics like honest,hardworking,etc.which cannot be measured cardinally. Theory of attributes tries to explain the inter-relation between the attributes,its consistency,whether the given data is true of false,etc. TO KNOW MORE..........


the nine square table and its uses:


Probability is the chances or possibilities of occurence of event. Probability theory helps us to find the probabilities of various events.

To know more:


You can use the theory of attributes in probability.
In the case of two objects,use the nine square table in which, A should be probability of occurence of first event and so opposite is alpha. B should be probability of occurence of second event.
AB is probability of occurence of both events.
and so on...

For occurence of three events you can use the contingency table for three attriibutes.
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