"How to Train Your Dragon" Critical Reviwl

Topics: Film, Viking, Dragon Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Luis Anguiano

A Must See
“How to Train Your Dragon,” a fun entertaining movie the whole family can enjoy! Luis Anguiano a Harvard graduate and famous celebrity blogger has been reviewing all kinds of films for 10 years. Letting the people know what’s good, and what’s rubbish. Trying to fit in during teenage years can sometimes be a challenge; especially if the person trying to fit in doesn’t really act the same as any of the people she is surrounded by. Now a days there are a lot of movies about high school that include the typical jocks, cheerleaders, and nerds; all these films just fill kids heads of what high school is supposedly like and they start to feel like the only way to survive high school is to try and fit in.” How to Train Your Dragon,” a full length animation film created by DreamWorks, is a fantastic movie about being who you are and doing your own thing. Although some of the films context might be a little to offensive for some parents taste, it is a great watch for children and adults of all ages.

Humor is a pretty difficult task to tackle. Writing humor that is explicit enough for little kids to know what’s going on, but will also make adults and teenagers smirk is pretty challenging. I’ve only watched a few children’s movies that do this, “How to Train Your Dragon,” being one. For example there is quite a funny seen where Hiccup (the main character) and some other teenagers are put in a labyrinth with a dragon as part of their dragon training. They are trying to get past the dragon as smoothly and sneakily as possible the other teens performed a swift smooth summer salt and got right past the dragon, but Hiccup, and his Steve Urkel like figure, was too weak and just feel flat on his back because his shield was too heavy for him. Now I’m not saying the humor is historical for adults but it is quite entertaining it will keep kids laughing and adults interested.

Often times cartoon characters can end up looking alike. One very good...
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