How to Train Your Dragon Critic Speech

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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A. Attention-Getter:
1.What would you do if you came across a dragon?
2. Would you run? or would you stay and try to train it?
B. Present the Topic: This was one of the conflicts faced in the movie “ How To Train Your Dragon.”
C.Thesis Statement: I liked this movie because it never got boring and had me laughing most of the time.
D. Preview of Main Points: I will give you:
1. A description of the movie
2. and also my evaluation of it.
A. Description of Movie:
1.”How to Train Your Dragon” is an animated film that came out this summer.
2. It is a comical drama.
3.The main character is Hiccup
4. and he lives on the Island of Berk. He is the son of the Viking Chief.
5.The island he lives on is constantly bothered by menacing dragons.
6. Hiccup wants top be a Dragon slayer like the rest of the island.
7. but He is too small and clumsy.
8. While the village is under attack, Hiccup finally gets the chance to prove himself traps the most feared dragon,the night fury.
9.He goes to find the night fury and threatens to kill it as proof of his capture.
10.But innocent Hiccup can not kill the dragon. instead He befriends it and names it Toothless.
11.While spending time with Toothless, Hiccup learns a new appreciation for Dragons and learns they are not mindless killers.
12.He begins to do exceptionally well in his dragon training and his father is finally proud of his son.
13. However, Toothless blows his cover when trying to save Hiccup from an irritated dragon.
14.The chief captures Toothless and uses him to lead the tribe to the dragon’s nest.
15. Hiccup must decide whether to save his new found friend, or to obey his father and make him proud again.
16.Now that I’ve given you a description of the movie, I can tell you what I thought of it.
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