How to Tie a Tie

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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How many of you have had your siblings teach you an activity, a hobby, or a skill? I am sure that many of you, along with myself, can say yes to this question. For some of you it may have been riding a bike, shooting a basketball, reading or writing, or tying your shoes. However for me, my sister taught me how to tie a tie. Yes, I learned one of the manliest skills from my sister. Throughout my speech I will tell you the history of the necktie, the different styles of knots you can make, and finally demonstrate the small knot.

Most people who do not wear a tie very often may think that wearing one is so simple. However, there are many obstacles that factor in to tying a tie. There are different types of shirts, different types of fabrics, and of course, many different ways to tie a tie. According to an article in Time magazine, the necktie is one of the few fashion accessories to have survived four hundred years of change. Ties have dated back to the ancient Egyptians. People wore ties to signify social status or to simply soak up sweat. The real growth of ties came in the 17th century where king Louis XIV, of France, saw Croatian soldiers wearing them around their necks. As stated on, ties were worn to symbolize themes such as Diplomacy, loyalty, and Travel. Ties became more vivid after the First World War. Before the war they were very plain with dull backgrounds, but the ones that came after the war were colorful with great designs and are considered to be classics today. Also, World War 2 brought new fabrics to make ties, silk was replaced the artificial silk. Centuries later the Industrial revolution help spread the necktie to millions, as factories and businesses opened all over the country. In 1924 Jesse Langsdorf, an American tailor created and patented the tie’s modern look.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many different ways to actually tie a tie. There is the Windsor knot, the half windsor knot, the four-in-hand knot, the...
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