How to Take Care of a Pet Guinea Pig

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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How to take care of your pet guinea pig.
A guinea pig is a great first pet. He is fairly easy to take care of but can be hard as well. Guinea pigs are fun and playful pets for children of all ages. In this reading I will teach you how to care for a guinea pig. You will be able to decide after reading if this is the pet for you. You will learn how to clean your guinea’s cage, how to feed your guinea, how to bath your guinea and how to hold your guinea pig. He is fluffy and squishy but please don’t squeeze him. Guinea pigs like to be held. Be careful, you have to pick him up under his feet and hold him close to you. Guinea pigs don’t like heights they get scared if you move them to fast as well. They love carrots and peppers and apples. They need lots of water as well. Guinea pigs have to have a lot of vitamin c. so make sure they get there healthy snack today, and every day. You will need a cage big enough for your guinea pig to live and move around a little bit in. you will need bedding material, such as aspen bedding or recycled paper bedding. You need to make sure you place the bedding on the bottom of the cage about 2 inches thick or more. Your guinea pig will need a place to sleep, free of him droppings. They sell guinea pig houses at the pet store or on line. Otherwise you can make one out of an empty small box, of some kind like a shoe box. You will take one side of the box and cut an opening in the end of it place it in the cage bottom side up so the guinea pig may climb in and out of it. You will need a water bottle for your guinea pig. It will need to be securely held into place on the side of the cage. You will need guinea pig food of some kind and a food dish. The guinea pig will chew on items in his cage so don’t spend a lot of money on his food dish. Once you have his cage all set up, you may place your guinea pig inside the cage. Your guinea pigs cage will...
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