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Recent Articles about Barack Obama
White House Warns: Don't Photoshop Obama Gun Pic
The White House has released a picture purporting to show President Obama "skeet shooting" at Camp David. &nbs... Like · Share
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LOOK: Obama Goes Skeet Shooting
The Huffington Post
The White House released a photo of President Obama skeet shooting on Saturday, following a wave of skepticism... Like · Share
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Gun Sales Soar on Photo of Armed Obama
The White House’s attempt to portray President Obama as a gun user may have had unintended consequences today,... Like · Share
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White House releases photo of Obama shooting shotgun
(CNN) -- One could say this photo shoots down any remaining skepticism. The White House on Saturday releas... Like · Share
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White House Drives the NRA Crazy by Releasing Photo of Obama Shooting a Gun The President punched the NRA in their lobbyist mouth by releasing a photo of Obama skeet shooting. Like · Share

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Anele Umfoka Nkala is playing Instant Chess.
Instant Chess
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Aaron George Moyo shared La Fever's note: LaFEVER TUESDAY'S at LIFE. LaFEVER TUESDAY'S at LIFE
Taking through a JOURNEY of SOUND from start to finish, every Tuesday night we keep it ROCKING and you DANCING with DJs Playing the best CROSS FUSION of MUSIC, making you SHAKE & GROOVING what your MAMA gave YOU... By: La Fever

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AB de Zuhry shared Santhanam's photo.
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