How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
A zombie apocalypse is most definitely not a very friendly world. It is hard to find friends who aren’t going to shoot you on sight, and if you do find somebody, a thorough body inspection is in for the both of you. So what should you do, if the situation ever arises? I will explain to you the Do’s and Do not’s of a zombie apocalypse. First things first; get a weapon. If you can find a gun, GREAT. Just know this; knives don’t need ammo. If you get a gun, Take care of it. Don’t give it the wrong bullets, or your precious gun won’t last you very long. If you can’t find a gun, this part is for you. First, describe your strengths and weaknesses. Are you smart or stupid? Are you strong or weak? If you are stupid, blunt objects tend to work well. If you are weak, you might want to get something sharp to stab them with. Also if you find a sword, knife, machete, baseball bat (metal or wood is fine) anything that will not make so much noise that will work perfectly. And should only be used when there is a small amount of zombies just so you do not waste ammos quickly. Second, always aim for the head. PERIOD! And that’s final and here’s why.  In theory only the brain is truly reanimated in a zombie, therefore, if you 'kill' the brain, you kill the zombie. This is why you can shoot a zombie in the head, provided you can shoot the right area of the brain, or just shoot it off with a high-powered gun. Managing to hit the right part of the brain can be tricky business; you can 'kill' the motor functions which would render the body useless, but if you don't hit the right area, you can also do minor things to the zombie; blind him for example. This is why using a shotgun or a high-power gun is the most effective way to kill a zombie by shooting it in the head. These types of guns generally will take off all if not part of the face, ensuring you manage to hit the right area of the brain. Third thing you want to do is run to your nearest...
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