How to Survive Freshman Year

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How to Survive Freshman Year of College
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By: Leah Streeval

Going to college is something preached to everyone starting in elementary school. Whether to go to college or not and where to go starts to run through peoples’ minds when they enter high school. Junior and senior year field trips are planned and actions taken to go to college begin. Then the time comes. Freshman year of freedom for most has arrived. Now what you do with is the next step. Freshman year brings about new excitements as well as struggles. Here are some tips on how to deal with different occurrences.

Freshman 15
No matter what size you are when you go to college there’s always a chance that the unhealthy food choices offered by the school and chosen by you could make you gain weight. One way you can prevent this from happening is of course exercising. Working out cannot only keep weight off, it can also maintain your health and possibly lead to weight loss. You could also get lucky and meet some cute guys at the gym. The next tip is to avoid keeping unhealthy food in your room. Having a lot of extra time sitting around your room usually the first year leads to a multitude of snack breaks. To ensure you do not gain unnecessary weight, keep healthy snacks such as pretzels of fruit in your room instead of potato chips and candy. Try not to eat super late since you will be pulling late nighters most likely. Also, watch how much you eat or what you eat if you get in a relationship. Girls tend to gain weight when they get in a serious relationship.

Dating Relationships
Speaking of guys, having a relationship and going off to college can be a tough situation. Being miles apart requires more trust and communication. Too much communication can corrupt a relationship though. Constantly texting, talking, or skyping your boyfriend can get annoying to those around you possibly pushing their relationship with you away. You only have one chance to go to...
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