How to Succeed in a Job Interview

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How to succeed in a job interview
We all know that an interview for a job can be one of the most stressful things to do. Many people feel threatened, nervous, embarrassed, nervous and for the most part extremely uncomfortable. It is not easy to have a complete stranger ask you a long series of questions about your personal experience, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In fact interviews can be very awkward especially if you do not know how to answer a question. Luckily most interviews are similar so there is a way to prepare yourself.

Your attitude is probably the most important part of the interviewing process. You must show positivity and drive. Make sure you have a good introduction to the interviewer. You need to have a strong handshake and make sure you make full eye contact when introducing yourself. Enthusiasm, Optimism, and motivation to be a part of the job plays a key role for the interviewer to make an upfront opinion about you. A good sense of humor can also help, because laughter is one of the best ice breakers between two strangers.

Before you are interviewed you need to research the company to know as much about the job as possible. Do not only rely your research on a Google search or a brief skim of the organizations website. Try to take the additional step and find additional information like business journals or news articles pertaining to the company. Contact the company and find out who is interviewing you. If it is a large company you might be able to find information about this person. Knowing personal information about the company and interviewer will give you a huge advantage over the others. You also need to do research on yourself. Contact former employees to find your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared to explain what you have done to improve your weaknesses and what you have done to build on your strengths. It is important to know what you want in your future, so work out your long-term career goals and explain how that...
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