How to Succeed in the Workplace

Topics: Management, Leadership, Work Pages: 8 (2764 words) Published: May 13, 2008
Do you remember the stress caused by anxiety about a new job? Have you ever had a conflict with a co-worker that you did not know how to address? Has your spouse had to listen to your complaints about the lack of communication at your work place? Do you have apprehension regarding working in or speaking to groups of co-workers and supervisors? Most importantly, do you have trouble finding a good balance between your professional and social life? If so, you are like many people who are lacking confidence in their ability to succeed in the work place. In order to thrive in the workforce one should prepare for success, know the fundamentals of communication, have the ability to work in groups, understand the roles of leaders, and be capable of keeping balance in their life. Following these guidelines will help you succeed in the work place. Preparing to succeed

{Mental and emotional preparation, how to be productive}
The first element of being successful in the workplace is being prepared. There are many simple ways to prepare yourself for a new job or revitalize yourself for your current position. Talk with confidence and present yourself in a professional manor, (DuBrin 87) the more you appear confident and professional the more you appear competent. Surrounding yourself with positive people is a good way to assist your own positive attitude. Exercise, not only does it relieve stress but it also improves your memory (DuBrin 58). Organize your skills and list ten areas in which you excel, this will make you appreciate your talent and know what to work on (DuBrin 60). When you learn something new, like a person’s name, think about it and plan on remembering it because then you are more likely to remember it (DuBrin 56)! Do not forget to use mnemonic devices for memorization. Fundamentally, the more you practice the better. Talk with your family about what you are doing. You will feel better knowing they support you. Remember to concentrate; it increases your mental and physical capabilities (DuBrin 55). Listening to criticism is an important part of any job. Be outgoing yet flexible (DuBrin 87). Incorporate good advice into your routine. Find aspects within a job that interest you and put your soul into important projects. You will be more comfortable and confident if you see significance in your work. If you ever fear that your confidence is lacking use “positive self-talk” (like the little engine that could…I think I can, I think I can…) (DuBrin 86) not only will it boost your confidence, it is also a form of stress reduction. Go out of your way to learn new skills and advertise them (DuBrin 87). Always imagine the best possible outcomes for every situation. Having higher confidence about your role at your job is the best way to be prepared. Communicating with Others

{Individually and in small groups}
Having good communication skills is extremely important in the business world. One prominent aspect of communication is constructive criticism. A professional should know how to give and take criticism in a proficient manner. When giving constructive criticism, make sure you do it in private. It is rude and embarrassing when called on a mistake in front of co-workers and customers. Only discuss the facts of a situation, never complain about the people themselves. Make sure you offer a solution or ideal goal (DuBrin 239). If you are addressing a co-worker, make sure you do not act as if you have more authority than they do (DuBrin 239). When receiving criticism remember not to take it personally. Criticism is an attempt to help. Make yourself better from it. Communication encompasses a great deal more than just talking. It is frequently more important to listen. Being an active listener means to empathize with the speaker (276). You can do this by paying attention to what they say and express that you understand. Try not to take things defensively when spoken to; this can better...
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