How to Succeed in College

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Chapter 1 : Making the Academic Adjustment to College.

1.1Comparisons between high school and college.
In college you will be more academically independent and responsible to yourself because you need to make decision for yourself in order to achieve great academic performance. Besides that, you may have a lot of work need to be done when you entering the college. In college, class meetings is fewer and students is given the freedom to practice develop sense of responsibility. Students in college also need to take initiative to make a contact with instructor to make the instructor get to know you.

1.2Reasons for Attending College.
You maybe in college to earn degree to become more educated, to become certified for a particular job or to make money after earning the degree. You may wish to think of earning a degree as the practical and immediate outcome of your college experience. But, acquiring an education is an important and satisfying achievement in itself. Try to see these goals as complementary rather than conflicting.

1.3The Purpose of College.
Acquiring an education can enhance your self-esteem. To the extent that the degree represents effort and achievement, a college degree can give you the satisfaction of acquiring knowledge and developing new skills. Education provides the means that can change the way you think, process information and perceive the world.

1.4College as a System.
The basic requirement for earning a college degree is to complete the number of credits needed. Be sure you understand the requirements of your degree program, understand your college policies for first year students. If you don’t understand a policy, consult with academic advisor. A college also develops a core curriculum. Most educators agree that students should study something in addition to their area of specialization to broaden their expertise.

1.5Important of Grades.
Making good of grade is a badge of effort, a sign of achievement. There are also other requirement that includes in grade which is attendance, class participation and written work. If you find yourself getting low in many courses, seek help immediately.

1.6Calculating Your Grade Point Average (GPA).
To calculate your GPA , you convert your letter grades to numbers. These numbers are stipulated by your college. In most college, an A = 4.00, a B = 3.00, a C = 2.00, a D = 1.00 and a F = 0.00. college calculates pluses (+) and minuses (-) differently.

1.7Final Course Grades.
You must ensure that you understand how each instructor computes the final grade. Ask, if it’s not clear, how much weight is assigned to each of the following ; written assignments, class participation, quizzes and tests, midterm and final examinations and any special project.

Chapter 2 : Managing Your Time.

2.1Using Time Effectively.
To begin making more productive use of your time, you need to know that not only how you have been spending it, but also how you want to use your time more effectively. It is important that you be clear in your mind about what things are important to you and how you can find time to devote to them.

2.2Changing Your Attitude Toward Time.
To help you get through difficulty in making time for both the things you have to do, try to remember why you came to college and remind yourself of your goals and what is required to achieve them. Realize too, periods in your life when your free time seem minimal will eventually end.

2.3Developing Strategies to Use Your Time Productively.
First, you must scheduling your time by arrange a master schedule of everything you do. It help you to adjust fixed routines. You can develop schedules for different purposes and different stretches of time. You can start by creating a monthly calendar. By that, you can get a closer view and remind yourself of which obligations are imminent and which...
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