How to Study for an Exam

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How to Study for an Exam

When you have an exam, you usually tend to study at the last minute. Why not have an easier, more effective method? It’s easier than done when you’re already used to the way you study on your own. Well, hopefully this can help improve the skills you already have.

First, you will have to use the text you read from and choose the chapters you find most important. Now that you have done that, re-read the parts you find most important over. While you do that, highlight what you feel is most important in relation to what you will need to study. After that, go through your notes, repeat the same steps, and highlight what you feel is most important, as well.

Next, after you have completed both tasks to highlight the most important parts of your notes and text, what will you will do now is begin to rewrite the highlighted parts of the text you are reading and do the same for your notes. After you have done so, begin to read over what you have written and begin highlighting the key points. Now, you will rewrite the highlighted key points that you feel are most important. Last, but not least, after rewriting the notes, you will repeat the same steps and rewrite them over again, as many times as you feel will be effective. This will then cause to begin memorizing the notes you are rewriting over and over. After you have rewritten the notes you’ve created, you will then begin to takes these notes and what you will do is recite them to yourself. Repeat this step until you have done it enough times. Now, what you will do is have someone ask you questions about the notes and see how many answers you will get correct. If you are successful, what you will do is recite the notes a few more times, and, if not, rewrite them again to refresh your memory before you recite them to yourself again.

I myself use this method when studying for exams and quizzes. I have found it to be quite effective. Using this method of rewriting and reciting notes...
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