How to Stop Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home?

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How to stop elder abuse in a nursing home
According to Sokolove Law thousands of elderly Americans are abused each year in nursing homes responsible for their care. A recent study found violations at 94% of nursing homes in the U.S. (1) I feel it is much higher than that because I’m a C.N.A. (certified nurse’s assistant), and have been in the nursing field for almost 8 years now. Although abuse is illegal it still manages to happen more frequently and needs to be stopped. “According to the Nursing Abuse Center Website,” there are many reasons that elderly residents in facilities suffer nursing home abuse and neglect. Nursing home workers are too often low-paid, overworked, and poorly trained. (2) The problem still persists after many years of trying to stop the abuse of the elderly. There is so much to be done with training and overworked and underpaid employees. I think even though you might be underpaid for the amount of work you are doing is no excuse to abuse them at all. I have a no tolerance policy at my work for abuse and if you are found guilty your license is permanently taken away and you will never work in the nursing field again. Mike Taylor is our DNS (Director of Nursing Services) at my work and he explained to me that “Under no circumstances will abuse be taken lightly. For every one person that comes to me there is about four that won’t to report suspicious allegations. So that tells me that I need to be more assertive in getting people to come to me and report what they see I can’t be everywhere at once and this facility has more eyes in the rooms and on the floor than I do. After all there is an open door policy here.” (3) Then that means we have to tattle on each other if we see abuse going on and I should run to my supervisor and tell instead of trying to explain to that person that what they did was wrong and implement some on the job training. I work in a nursing home and because I do I have an insight on what goes on in one at least the one I’m at. I’ll tell you about some of the abuse charges that have gone on while employed there. One of the residents was talking to his wife on the phone for a while and speaking very rudely to her because he was upset about her not returning his call. After he was done he went back into his room where the aid followed him and was yelling at him about speaking rudely to his wife. Then the L.P.N. (licensed practical nurse) went in to see what was going on and the aid continued to yell at him. I couldn’t hear what was being said but the LPN came out and asked the R.N. (registered nurse) to write her up and the R.N. said, “No if you want her wrote up you do it yourself.” So the L.P.N. did write her up for inappropriate behavior with a resident. I don’t get this part because the aid was still allowed to work on the same floor with the resident that she just got done yelling at and in my opinion should have been sent home. The icing on the cake was that the aid refused to sign the write-up. When I worked with her again after a few days she still insisted that she did nothing wrong that the resident should not be allowed to talk to his wife that way on the phone and he needed to have his phone rights taken away. My response was that even though he was being rude to his wife on the phone it is not our responsibility to remove the phone from his hand and take his phone rights away. If his wife did not want to be talked to that way she’s the one that needs to tell him to stop or simply hang up the phone it’s that simple. Staff does not need to get involved with the residents personal life it’s simply that personal unless the resident wants to talk to the staff about it we need to mind our own business, but make sure they’re safe and well taken care of. Why do staff feel they did nothing wrong when accused of obvious abuse? Well it is because they don’t see anything wrong with their attitude at work. They need to step back and take a look at how they are...
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