How to Steal a Million Dollars

Topics: Accounts receivable, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Fraud Examination
Unit 9
How to steal a million dollars
Mr. Seneca Stunton was an accountant clerk for a company called Carlton Chemical. Seneca had no formal education for accounting. His experience was for a smaller company which he exceled at book keeping. He accepted the job with Carlton Chemical and he was on the track to excel and have a great career. His supervisor was just in Seneca’s position, so Seneca was pretty happy to see that there were advancement opportunities within the company. Seneca approached his job with commitment and enthusiasm. He was married and with his wife and his own kids they had a total of seven children. Seneca’s duties were accounts receivable collections, posting payments, resolution of customer service inquires and maintenance of the accounts receivable ledgers. Patrick Dawley was the owner; he started the business over thirty years ago. Carlton Chemical sells chemicals to large and small business and they use it for raw material. The company was growing, Patrick looked on what really drove sales was how effective the operation is, like keeping accurate order taking, billing and collections, timely deliveries and great customer service. Patrick was viewed as a problem solver. There was not a problem too small for him to figure out. He had the ability to look at the problem and see the solution. Patrick was the only one who really had accuses to the money, all transactions had to go to him to approve. Every week he held detailed meetings about the money and unpaid bills. He looked over the statements on a regular basis. There was not really too much that got passed him so when he found out the ARs was not correct and there was more outstanding bills then he thought there was really surprised him. Seneca was taking one person’s larger payments and was putting it to other customer’s outstanding bills. He was doing this for over a great deal of time. Which created a huge landslide of problems for the company, and when...
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