How to steal 500 million enron Paper

Topics: Enron, Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Kylie Perkins
Financail Accounting

In both the movies they had talked about Enron Corporation and failed as a business and ended with many criminal offenses. Enron was found in 1985 by Kenny Lay. The movie The Smartest Guys in the Room goes on to tell you the story of how Kenny founded Enron, how the company hires Jeff Skilling what he had to do with the scandal and then how they finally crashed Enron. In the move Bigger than Enron they talk about Enron but also bring up that Enron was not the only company to do this they just happened to get caught. I think that in the movie The Smartest Guys in The Room there were three “bad guys”. The first would be Kenny Lay. Kenny lay was the founder of Enron, he ran the whole operation. He would try and lie about how he didn’t know anything was going on. He would through his employees under the bus before he gave up and they find it was him. Kenny Lay finds ways to work around the system. He uses the mark to market system where he can have profit when he doesn’t know if it will be successful or not. Kenny also hires a man named Jeff Skilling who I think is the second “bad guy” in this movie. Jeff Skilling came into the company after two years. He was hired to do the mark to market accounting. He knew what could happen to the company if things weren’t going to work out but he just listened to Kenny Lay. Jeff also made up a new thing where if you weren’t in the top 10 percent of your work then you should be fired. I think that this was wrong of him to think of. Jeff was also in charge of hire a man named Lou Pai who was the CEO of Enron Energy Service. Lou Pai in my eyes was known as the tired and final “bad guy” in the movie. Lou Pai was a man who would always go to the strip club; he used the money of shareholders to do so. He was also married and stated in the movie that he lied to his wife by spilling gas on himself to make her think that’s why he had smelt. Lou Pai stole a lot of money from...
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