How to Stay Motivated

Topics: Person, Concepts in metaphysics, Psychology Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: October 18, 2010
In the article “How to Stay Motivated – Part 1” Dr. Zonnya explains that in order to be motivated, that a person must first know what motivation is. She explains that many people perceive motivation to be something they do or do not feel like doing. Upon reading this article that is how I perceived motivation myself but, in fact this is the wrong idea that several people have about motivation. Dr Zonnya defines motivation as, “making a choice to take action whether you feel like it or not.” Motivation is more of a choice rather than your feelings towards doing the task. In the article she says that motivation is all about achieving results. In order to be motivated you must first select a subject and then decide what results you want from that subject. An example of this would be I want to do well in school. My subject would be school and the results would be how my grades are at the end of the semester. In order to be motivated I would have to do whatever it takes to get good grades and that means studying and showing up for class despite the fact that I may not feel like it most of the time.

Dr Zonnya says that everything is a choice. I strongly agree with this statement because everything a person does in life is based all on choices. To start to be motivated, one must first make a choice to be motivated. As said previously, I used to look at motivation as something I did or did not feel like doing. If I only did my homework half of the time, on the days that I did do my homework I would say that I had a motivational day. That is incorrect and I utterly agree with everything that the author said in this article. I now know that motivation is something you choose to do no matter how I feel towards the subject.
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