How to Stay Healthy During Exam

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Stay Healthy During Examinations

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about three ways to stay healthy during examinations.

Central Idea: Comfortable place, time and body, have a healthy eat, and have enough sleep and rest will make you healthy during examinations.


I. When the final exams, many student will push themselves to study and do not care about their surroundings. II. This means infinite hours of studying, insufficient amounts of sleep, and irregular diet and exercise. The end result problems are occurs, high sickness rates amongst college students. III. Staying illness-free during the final exam season is not easy feat, but is vital in order to maximize performance. IV. Today I will to introduce you to three ways how to keep healthy during exam - Comfortable place, time and body, have a healthy eat, and have enough sleep and rest.

(Transition: Let’s start by looking at comfortable place, time and body.)


I. A comfortable place, time and body can help you to focus and can avoid stress when you are studying. A. Make a study time table and follow it.
i. Set aside time for friends, family and other activities but you must have your own time table. ii. You must know what you must to do during your weekdays and weekends. Make sure not wasting your time. B. Besides that, have a study space will help you a lot.

i. Find somewhere that you are able to go and do your assignment and study in peace and quiet. ii. Find somewhere space you will comfortable with it, because some students have their own ways. C. Take your own break and not push yourself.

i. It possible if you are can study without taking some break to release your tension and relaxed your mind. ii. The reason for that is to give your mind a rest and peace.

(Transition: Like comfortable place, time and body, keep healthy eat are also the way to stay healthy during examination.)

II. Besides that, you...
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