How to Stay Civil in the Workplace

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It is a very rare thing for all personalities to get along with each other; especially in the workplace. But it is an important task to be civil with fellow employees. The individual has to remember three major things when dealing with this problem. The first key is patience. Without patience, peace could never be possible. The second rule is to be understanding. It is important to understand others’ special circumstances. And lastly, it is crucial to communicate. Without communication, how would anything get solved? These are the three main points to remember when there is friction between coworkers.

When an individual and a coworker have conflicting personalities, it makes it harder to do the job well. Conflict disrupts the way a person gets their job done. The first way to avoid this conflict in the workplace is patience. When someone has patience with another person, they are less likely to have arguments. This is a very important step to staying civil because without patience, everything would crumble. It is important to stop once and a while and take a deep breath. It is important not to snap at a coworker, but to be patient and kind, even if you do not want to be. This can benefit both people because this prevents arguments and hostile behavior. As employees of a workplace, it is the workers job to make the customer feel welcome. This cannot happen if both employees have a frown or angry face on. It is best to keep the peace for the sake of the business. But when being patient is not enough, it is important to also be understanding.

When a person is understanding, they do not jump to conclusions. They consider all the facts before acting. When an individual is understanding they also consider the coworkers feelings. This is key because sometimes people have certain situations or circumstances that they have overcome. When a person automatically assumes, they do not consider all the facts. For example, if a coworker was in a bad mood, somebody may...
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