How to Start a T-Shirt Business

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How to Start A T-Shirt Business

How to Start A T-Shirt Business - Background Info:
It's highly recommenced you bookmark this page about how to start a t-shirt business because it's rich with information that you'll use time and time again. Bookmark this page now by clicking on this [pic]icon. Have you ever seen a great design on a t-shirt and thought "I could have designed that!"? A T-shirt business can be a very easy way to generate extra income without too much upfront investment or difficulty. With a little preparation and marketing, you can turn your ideas into a unique and profitable business.
T-shirts have certainly gone through the fashion world at various points in time. In the sixties you could spot someone's identity by the tie-dyed t-Shirts he or she was wearing. Surfers and skaters buy t-shirts that will identify who they are. In the 80's, t-shirts were being printed with all sorts of rock stars and more recently t-shirts have become unique according to design ideas and slogans; especially in terms of 'nerdcore' fashion in the vein of Jinx, Think Geek, and Nerdy Shirts. In 2009-2010, the t-shirt most popular designs are those with rhinestones, lace, and other embellishments, along with different types of fabric besides traditional cotton. Today, t-shirts range in many design types and it's easy for even teenagers to come up with their own for part-time income.
Successfully breaking into this heavily-saturated market is with an established exclusive license on a brand or franchise that only your line will process.
There are five common methods of printing t-shirts; transfer printing, vinyl transfers, silkscreening, airbrushing, and sublimation printing. These methods are best for a small scale t-shirt printing business because they do not require costly machinery and extensive skilled labor. In fact, with silkscreen printing, you can make your own 'box' printer. You can also open an online shop with one of the print on demand services, (Usually for free or low setup cost) upload your designs, sell them and keep the rewards.  And it' s not just t-Shirts, either; most of these services allow you to sell other gift items such as mugs, caps, keyrings etc.. all with your designs on them. A t-shirt business will never go out of style as long as you know how to package and reinvent your products. And the business startup requirement of a t-shirt business is considerably small, especially when you compare it to other business opportunities.

Product sales can even be done online, saving you a lot of money on business startup costs. A good t-shirt never goes out of style, so a great t-shirt business has the opportunity to expand for many, many years.
How to Start A T-Shirt Business - Tasks And Skills Needed: Business Specific Tasks: If you are planning to do all the business tasks or hiring or subcontracting tasks, here's a list of tasks that need to be attended to when it comes to the business side of running a t-shirt business: Bookkeeping | Advertising/Marketing | Ordering...
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