How to Start a Furniture Refinishing Business

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Furniture refinishing can be a great business for people who like working with their hands and turning old, beat-up pieces of furniture into beautiful functional pieces. Often when stripping an old piece, you may even find valuable antiques. You can start furniture refinishing as a hobby and when your friends and family start bringing their furniture to you, then you know are ready to go pro.

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Start small. Take a few jobs at a time until you are more confident of your abilities. Your business will eventually grow by word of mouth and you don't want to start out with a reputation for taking longer than you promise by getting yourself bogged down with too many jobs in the beginning. • 2

Base your prices on the amount of time you put into the work, the going rates in your area and the amount that your customers are willing to pay. You can always refine your pricing as you begin to give more realistic estimates. • 3

Set aside some room in your garage or basement until you are making a profit, hiring people and driving your family crazy. You can then look for a shop or storefront from which to run your business. • 4

Stock up on supplies that you will use for every job, including claps, glue and sandpaper. Start with a sampling of generic wood touch-up paint. • 5
Get your files and finances in order right from the start so you won't have to change everything over once you begin to grow. You should also consider setting up a small office with a computer so everything is easy to manage. • 6

Market your services. Make business cards, flyers and a website to promote your furniture refinishing services. Get testimonials and show before and after photographs of your work. Go to places where antique lovers gather, at estate sales, flea markets or antique malls to promote your business.
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