How to Solve a Rubik Cube

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How to solve a Rubik’s cube
The purpose of this report is to inform the audience on how to solve a Rubik’s cube in three simple steps. Solving a Rubik’s cube can be difficult; however by solving one layer at a time, and knowing the correct algorithm to use for each desired move, makes solving a Rubik’s cube easier than it looks. Introduction

Invented by mechanics in 1974. There are over 43 quintillion possible combinations for solving a Rubik’s cube. That is 43,252,003,274,489,856,000. (information-facts). I am going to teach you how to solve one side of the cube. Which then puts you in position for solving the middle layer of the cube. That lastly enables you to execute the final layer effortlessly. Body

I.The first step in solving one side of a Rubik’s cube is done by making a cross with whichever color you choose to start with. Using the algorithm “F' T L' T'.” (algorithm list)
A. After completing the cross, the edge pieces are then put into place completing the first layer. Using the algorithm R' B' R B. II.The second step is putting the middle pieces in the correct domicile in order to finalize the middle layer.

A. There are two algorithms used depending on if you are moving a piece to the left or right side of the middle layer. T R T' R' T' F' T F” for moving a piece to the left side. And T' L' T L T F T' F' for the right side. III.The third and final step is solving the last layer. Starting out by executing a cross on the top of the cube by performing F R T R' T' F’.

A. Then fixing the cross by orienting the pieces in their correct positions. Using R T R' T R T T R'.
1. Followed by positioning the edge pieces in their correct places by doing T R T' L' T R' T' L.
a. Leaves you with the final algorithm, which simply rotates the corner pieces that are already in their correct places. By doing an easy out, out, in, in, move R' B' R B, until the cube is complete. Conclusion

I went over how to solve a...
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