How to Snap a Football in Shotgun

Topics: Finger, Hand, Middle finger Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: February 9, 2013
How to Snap a Football in Shotgun
First, the most important aspect of long snapping is a comfortable stance. Your toes must be pointed straight ahead, parallel, weight equally distributed on the toes and heels. The feet should be no wider than a shoulders width apart. It is important to have a concrete base, which allows you to lower your body to the ground. This creates a solid foundation, from which, to operate from. Your back should be flat with your knees bent, forming a "Z" in the knees. Weight should be equally distributed between the insteps of the feet, ankles, knees and hips. Next, lay your stomach on your thighs for support. The goal is to have complete movement of arms through the lower body without losing balance or control. Secondly, you should extend both arms directly in front of your shoulders and place them on the football. The bottom tip of the ball should be aligned directly under your chin. You should place your dominant hand on the laces of the ball, similar to how a quarterback grips the football. The offhand is the guide hand and is placed on the middle of the ball opposite the dominant hand. The middle finger should be aligned parallel to the seam of the ball, pressing the palm into the ball and forcing it into the power hand. You need to roll and cock the power hand, which forms a slight bend in the wrist, and turns the laces of the ball toward the ground. The placement of the dominant hand is crucial. First, place the first knuckle of the index finger across the seam of the ball. Second place the middle finger and ring knuckles between the 2nd and 3rd laces of the ball, keeping them close together. Thirdly, place the little finger across the bottom seam of the ball. Lastly, place the thumb around the ball, forming a natural "V" with the index finger and thumb. The placement of the guide hand is also crucial. First, place the middle finger down the seam of the ball. The height of the middle finger on the seam helps determine elevation...
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