How to Select Toys for Young Children

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How to select toys for young children

There are right ways and wrong ways to select toys for different age groups. In this essay I will explain what some of the appropriate ways are. First off be sure to know what toys you are looking for (age group, developmental level and safety). Observe the age group for a bit and see what kind of toys they are most interested in. Do they like building blocks, dolls, and dress up, reading books or coloring? This will give you more of an idea of what is going to keep them interested longer. This leads me into my next point. Make sure you look for toys that you can use in many different ways. You want to try to stay away from toys that need batteries as these most of the time only have one way to play and will shortly end up not being played with. Kids of all ages love a toy that will challenge them, and let them use their imagination. Try to stay away from cheap toys as they will break easy and not only become a safety hazard but also have you out buying more toys. You can never go wrong with toys that keep the kids physically active. A simple ball can not only be a cheap way to go but also it has multiple uses and keep the kids moving. This is just a few ideas on how to select toys for certain age groups. No matter what toys you chose or how much you chose to spend on them, always remember that the safety of the children are what is most important.


Part 2
Toddlers 1 to 3 years of age

This is a Fisher Price play kitchen. That comes with play food, and kitchen utensils. Has a play oven cupboard/fridge.

This toy is great for 1-3 year olds, it uses there imagination and creativity that in this age group they have tones of. This toy just draws there attention with the bright colors, different buttons to push,...
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