How to Save and Import Objects in Alice

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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Objective :

How to incorporate an object into current Alice world.


In an environment where a project is worked on by multiple individuals, it is necessary to divide the workload among many different individuals. Once each of the individuals has constructed his/her object, then the project lead will incorporate the different objects into the main project (Alice world).

It is important that all the activities of the object are contained in the object itself. The best approach will be to create a method called start (or something similar to this) and implement the activities in that method.

To illustrate how to implement this, let create a simple project and add the object Bob to it.

Creation of object

a. Create an Alice World

b. Add an object to the world ( this example uses Bob from the people gallery)

c. Create a new method called Add for Bob by following the steps below

i. Click on Bob in the Top Right corner under world

ii. Click on “create new method” under “bob’s detail”


d. Next enter “start” for the Name, when prompted and click on OK.

e. A new section labeled “bob.start” will be added in the left bottom corner, along with “ first method”

f. In the bob.start method, enter the needed activities. For this example, Bob says “Hello I’m Bob”.


How to activate Bob’s start method.

Click on “ first world method”

Drag and drop the method “start” from “bob’s details into “my first world method”


It should look like below after the “drag and drop”


Ensure the program displays “Hello I’m Bob” after clicking on the Play button.

How to save/export the Object Bob.

Right click on “bob” and select “save object” from the menu.


Give a unique name. In this example...
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