How to Run Wii and Gamecube Games on Your Pc Using Dolphin

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2 April 2009

By: Catalin Ivan, Gadgets Editor

How to Run Wii and GameCube Games on Your PC Using Dolphin
Hopefully, the Xbox is next
Some time ago, I wrote a guide on how to run PlayStation 2 games on your computer using a console emulator. This time, I'm planning a tutorial un how to emulate GameCube games (PS2 rival) at decent speeds on your computer. This emulator is rumored to also play Nintendo Wii games, but I'll make an update regarding that rumor as soon as I can confirm it. Now, for those of you that don't know exactly what the GameCube is, you should know that the GC is a sixth generation console and direct competitor of the PlayStation 2. Titles such as Resident Evil Zero or Resident Evil 1 remake made the GameCube a sought after console by gamers around the world. In these next few lines, I will be teaching you how to configure your emulator so that you'll be playing lots of GameCube games on your computer in no time. First of all, download the latest x86 version of the game. After downloading it, extract the emulator (it usually comes inside a .rar or .zip archive) into a folder of your choice. WARNING: after hours of attempts, only the x86 version allowed me to play GC games. The x64 version was slower and presented serious graphical artifacts. So, even if you have x64 Windows or just an x64 processor, go for the x86 version. After extracting the emulator, it's time to start configuring it (you'll notice it's much simpler than the PCSX2). First of all, enter the folder in which you extracted the Dolphin Emulator and double click the DolphinIL.exe file. The normal Dolphin.exe offers a lot less speed and compatibility. The main window of the Emulator has appeared. From the OPTIONS tab, choose CONFIGURE. There, you will only have to make sure you've ticked the Enable Dual Core, all the Advanced settings, the Use Panic Handlers option and setting Hide Cursor on Auto . You will find all these in the GENERAL tab. Going back to the OPTIONS tab, you...
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