How to Remove Sun Spots

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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• Rub fresh aloe vera on the skin 2x a day
• Combine two parts of apple cider vinegar with one part of orange juice and apply to your skin discolorations with a cotton ball. • Buttermilk is not just good for you internally. Buttermilk is can help remove age spots. Dab buttermilk on the area twice a day everyday. Discolorations should disappear in about a month. • Dab some fresh lemon juice to remove age spots. Lemon is a natural rejuvenator and is full of natural fruity acids that help fade and lighten skin and hair. Find more beauty tips using lemon. • Grate an onion and squeeze it through cheese cloth so that you have one teaspoonful of onion juice. Mix with two teaspoons of vinegar and rub the mixture into your spots. Do this two times a day until the spots disappear. Refrigerate leftover juice. You can also use the juice of an onion by itself. Cut an onion and rub the juice over your age spots every day. Some say to use red onions, some say any type of onion will work. It is my opinion that yellow or more pungent onions would have the greatest effect. • Apply castor oil twice a day. Gently rub the oil into your skin using circular motions. Your spots should disappear within a month. If you can't find castor oil, use Vitamin E oil or fish oil instead. For best results, use cold pressed castor oil . • Try Bio Oil . Many women swear by this product so there must be something to it. Bio oil has also been successfully used for scar's and stretch marks! • Buy a can of garbanzo beans, (use fresh if you can find them!) and mash about 1/3 cupful with a little water to form a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to age spots until it dries. (It will harden as it dries.) Remove gently with a warm wash cloth. Store the leftover paste in the refrigerator and use this everyday for best results. You can also use Chickpea flour if you can find it. • Eat two to three Brazil nuts daily. Brazil nuts have all of the Selenium that you need daily. Age spots are said to be...
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