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How to Register Hotmail

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How to Register Hotmail

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How to register for a free Hotmail Email Account First you need to open Internet Explorer. To open Internet Explorer you can either: Double click the Internet Explorer Icon on the Desktop OR Click ‘Start’ → ‘Programs’ → ‘Internet Explorer’ Click in the Address Bar or on ‘File’ → ‘Open’ and type in Press the Return Key to connect to the Hotmail Registration page. This is how your screen should look now: Click ‘Sign Up’ to begin registration for your free Email Account The following screen appears: To register for a FREE account click the ‘Get it Free’ icon The following registration form appears: To fill in the form: Create your email address: • For Country/Region select United Kingdom • For Email address type in the name that you would like to select for you email address. • You can only use letters, numbers, periods (.), hyphens (-), or underscores (_). • You only need to type in the first part of the address (eg: your name) as Hotmail already selects the ‘’ bit for you. • Once you have typed this in click ‘Check Availability’. Hotmail will tell you if someone has already selected this address and you may need to choose another name so try some variations of your name to find an address that is available: eg: or or Create your password: • Once you have selected an address that is available you need to select a password. • The password must contain at least six characters and is case sensitive. • You can use a combination of letters, numbers and characters to create a password. • Hotmail will tell you how secure your password is by grading it as weak, medium or strong. • For a strong password use a combination of letters, numbers and characters (but remember, you need to be able to remember it!) Create your password reset questions: • You know need to choose a security question that will enable Hotmail to reset your password should you forget it. • Click...

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