How to Read Like a Professor by: Thomas C. Foster

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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How to Read Like a Professor by: Thomas C. Foster
1)Introduction: How’d He Do That?
Mostly in memory it affects the reading literature in way that the reader, recognizes similarities in another work of literature, like in romantic novels elude towards Shakes Spears’ play Romeo and Juliet. Also, recognizing the pattern makes it easier on the reader because with that understanding the complex undertone of the book; like when I was reading The Scarlett Letter, I saw the allusions and symbolism in other stories, and books. 2)Chapter 1: Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) The five expects of a quest are: 1) a questor; 2) a place to go; 3) a stated a reason to go there; 4) challenges and trails getting throw the route and lastly; 5) a real reason to go there. Little Red Riding Hood Tale

1) Little Red Riding Hood; 2) To Grandmothers House; 3) To bring grandma cookies and company; 4) the wolf tries to eat her and Grandma; 5) Little Red Riding Hood learns to trust her instincts and to never talk to strangers.

3)Chapter 2: Nice to Eat with You; Act of Communion
In Charles Dickson’s novel, The Christmas Carol, when the Scrooge wake –up from his “dream” he went out and bought a swan for his poor assistants’ family for Christmas. By doing this it was kind of a peace offering, it showed that Scrooge turns a new leaf, and by doing so he was now accepted back into the community. 4)Chapter 4: If It’s a Square, It’s a Sonnet

Petrarchan sonnet: “Missing the Metros” by Charles Terryson-Tunner This sonnet shows this form of reading by demonstrating a sequence like: abba cdcd efefe; and towards the end like the traditional Petrarch Sonnet, the main point of the sonnet which is called the volta, towards the end of the sonnet. Shakespearian sonnet: “Sonnet LXXIII”

With this Shakespearian Sonnet, this had 14 lines and was divided into three parts, with rhyme scheme like this: abab cdcd efef gg. The volta is usually at the end of the sonnet; like in this one, where in the end it makes impact because it makes reader think about how the death can be very near. Indefinable Sonnets: “Ozymandias”

In this sonnet it does not fit the standard Shakespearian sonnet or Pertarchan sonnet, though it has the same characteristic of a Shakespearian sonnet and volta similar to the Pertarchan sonnet.

5)Chapter 6: When In Doubt , It’s from Shakespeare…
In the theme of the story Fugard reflects Shakespeare’s Henery V, in this story Harold the main character has to become Master Harold set aside his childhood friendship and to become to into his family “business”, like Prince Hal had set aside his childhood friend and ways to become a King Henry, capable leading a army. 6)Chapter 7: Or the Bible

“I imagined I bore my chalice safely throw the throng of foes” (Line 31Joyce). The chalice symbolized him protecting his morals under the influence of the “heathens” surrounding him, even though in the next sentence he reminisce about his feelings towards the girl, Megan’s sister. 7)Chapter 8: Hanseldee and Gerteldum

I book I once read was like modern version of “Beauty and the Beast” but it focused on the Beast point of view, and how he became the way he was. The author did create a parallel of the story but twist in to make her own, to appeal to her teenager readers. It appeal to their child like fairy tale story and mind it deepen appreciation of a this particle fairy tale, since it appeal to young teenage girls.

8)Chapter 9: It’s Greek to Me
“Only For a Season”
Mother never could have known
Of my past intentions of being free,
The time is near for me to go
How could stay with her alone?
Easy to say goodbye for season be,
Rarely can confide to my husband needs.
Naturally I was born in summer bloom;
As the fates have it, I learn to love winter’s cold.
To turn against my mother’s will
Under estimating my husband’s needs,
Rethinking my own wants...
Easy it is not to love winter’s chill.
9)Chapter 10: It’s More Than Just...
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