How to Read Efficiently

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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How to read efficiently

Reading is something people can not live with out it. All heavenly religions call for reading. Reading widens our horizons. It keeps our minds quite open. . Reading has a lot of advantages. First, it enriches our vocabulary. The more you read the more new words you know with that way you improves your conversation skills by knowing the current language. Besides, when you read literature or fiction, it develops your mental thinking. However; many people do not know how to read efficiently. You will make good use of reading if you following the following steps.

In the first stage, you should do preview before you begin to read. You read the title, the italic, or black printed words very quickly. If there is a picture, a chart, or a graph, you give it a quick look. Thus, you can figure out the use of the words in this passage, and what is the content of this piece of writing. The next step is to have glance at the first sentence of each paragraph. Besides, you should read the first and the last sentence carefully. For instance, when I begin to read the essays, which have been written by Lubna Abdul Aziz, entitled Lime Light every week in Al Ahram weekly, I used to read every single word in the essay. However, at the end I discover that I do not understand a word, but when I followed the pervious steps, I reached the author's point of view. Furthermore, you should widen your eye span, which helps you to read the whole statement with one look. For example, you should not read an expression like (In the morning) as a separate word, but a whole. After finishing the article, you should ask yourself questions such as what is the article about? What is the main idea? Is the author's point of view right or wrong? At last, you will find reading easy and interesting.

In the stage of reading intensively, you should stop talking to yourself. Readers always do that in two ways. First, you should stop vocalizing...
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