How to Put Make Up on

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How to put on make-up

First you should determine what type of skin you have, and buy products that are suit your skin type. If you have a very sensitive skin like mine, you should buy products which are labeled as hypoallergenic. Then wash your face with a good cleanser to remove dirt. If you have acne, you should use antibacterial soap. After that, you should use toner because it will restore the pH level of your skin and pick up any remaining dirt. You should wait for ten minutes and apply mosturize. Next, apply a foundation primer because it will smooth out the skin surface, make applying foundation easier, and make your makeup last longer Then apply sheer foundation that matches your skin tone, and use concealer under your eyes, around the nostrils to conceal any red or discolored spots. After all, you apply a small amount of loose powder all over the face to set eveything.

Second, we will start with the eyebrows. If you are lucky and have good shaped thick eyebrows, then you just need to brush it with a spoolie bursh. If not, you have to use brow pencil to fill in thin areas and use gel to keep everything in place. Afterwards, if you are going to work or school, you should choose neutral color eyeshadow that matches the colour of your facial skin. But if you are going to a party or club, you should choose the color green , blue or black, and you can put glitters on the lid because it will make you stand out from the crowd. To make your eyes appear more larger and sexier, you should apply eyeliner. While choosing eyeliner, you should consider the type of look you're after . Pencil eyeliner gives your eyes soft definition, while liquid versions offer precision and drama. Lastly, we curl the lashes and apply mascara, top and bottom. Now that the eyes are done.

Third, we move to the lips. I usually choose soft lip color like nude or baby pink for day-time make up. However, for night-time make up, I use lip pencil to create a stronger , more...
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