How to Protect Whales from Being Hunted

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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1- Why are whales hunted?
Whales were hunted mainly for these products:
* lamp oil (from sperm oil)
* margarine and cooking oil (from whale oil)
* candles, soaps, cosmetics and perfumes (from sperm oil) * corsets and umbrellas (from sperm oil)
* whale-meat for human consumption
* animal feed (from meat meal)
* fertilizer (from bone meal)
* string for tennis rackets (from tendons)
2- What parts of the whale are used and for what purposes?
The meat was used as food. The blubber was used as fuel, as grease, and as material for make-up. The bones and teeth were used as building material. Today people cook the bones to make glue. The teeth are used for tools or souvenirs. People also discovered ambergris. This material comes from the digestive system and it's used for very expensive perfumes. One important product that replaced whale oil was mineral oil. Also, mineral oil was invented. Mineral oil is a fuel that is made out of a special process. 3- What methods are used to hunt whales?

whale hunts the primary killing method is the grenade harpoon, which is fired from a cannon mounted on the prow of the hunting vessel. The harpoon, which is aimed by hand, creates an initial hole in the whales body that is about 8 inches (20 cm) wide and 12 inches (30 cm) deep; the grenade in the harpoon then explodes, causing massive injury or death to the whale Often, however, the primary killing method fails to dispatch the whale; in that case, secondary killing methods, usually consisting of another grenade harpoon or several rifle shots, are used. If the first harpoon remains in the whale, the attached line serves to slow the animal or hold it in place while secondary killing methods are applied.

4- What is Greenpeace? What does it do?
They are advocates and activists who campaign on a wide range of environmental issues from "Save the Whales", oil spills and animal rights to nuclear testing and global warming. Founded in Canada it has...
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