How to Protect Our Kids from Viewing Inappropriate Materials

Topics: Sexually transmitted disease, Adolescence, Time Pages: 4 (1602 words) Published: December 3, 2011

Internet censorship is a control or suppression of publishing or accessing of information on the Internet. The Internet has become a “member” of almost every single family on our planet. It is not just an ordinary member, but a very important one, especially too someone who spends a lot of his/her time using the Internet. The Internet is a very useful tool that is used for everything such as advertisement, communication, shopping, researching and also for educational purpose. On the Internet, there are some websites that needs to be censored in order to protect our children from viewing inappropriate websites that promote drug usage, violence and pornography. Parents and school officials are the first ones who need to begin the process of censoring out those inappropriate websites.

The Internet is an easy way to access all sorts of information. Because the Internet has become so popular in such a short period of time, the opportunity to censor it has passed by almost as quickly as the public discovered it so useful in its everyday life. The Internet has some information that is not helpful to kids. Parents and schools officials are the ones who should start the process of censoring those websites that our teens view each and every day. They are ones who knows what information on the Internet is best for our teens to see. Therefore, Internet censorship should be enacted to prevent teenagers from viewing inappropriate websites that promote drug usage, violence, and pornography. The first reason as to why Internet censorship should be enacted is that our teenagers use websites that entice the use of drugs. Using drugs at a young stage in their lives is very dangerous to teenagers because it affects their physical health. For example, smoking marijuana can have short term effects to their bodies. The short term effects of marijuana include: distorted perception; problems with memory and learning; loss of coordination; trouble with thinking and...
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