How to Protect Bank Account

Topics: Bank, Online banking, Computer security Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: February 20, 2013

Nowadays, majority of the people love to do online shopping through a web browser. People tend to think that if they do banking and shopping online it will be safer and more secure. Unfortunately, they have forgotten that there are also online criminals in the Internet who are also getting smarter and savvier at stealing. There are several ways on how we can protect our bank account; install a barrier on computer, create a perfect password, check our account regularly and keep it private.

The first step to protect our bank account is by installing a barrier on the computer. We need to protect our computer by installing a good security software program. We also need to protect our computer by installing a good antivirus software. Lanford (n.d.) notes that a firewalls software will ‘block the door’ to your computer so ‘hackers’ cannot access the information on our hard drive. We also need to make sure our pc is patched and protected. Sandra (2012) suggest that we should keep our pc updated with the latest system, application and security software. Thus, it will avoid more than 99% of the trouble. In addition, We also need to shop and bank when we feel secure. An open network in cafe may be convenient but it will be risky for shopping and banking because a computer in an open internet café may have key logger that can tracks our credit card number or password.

The second step to protect our bank account is by creating a perfect password. We need to be creative with our password login and hint. Williams (2010) found that in about 20 minutes, we can find [someone’s] high school, maiden name and– all those things are easily available to thieves. For instance, design our own hint or choice of questions that is unique that can come up with something truly clever and not easy to be guess by anyone you know, like the name of your dead cat. Moreover, we also have to make sure that our bank account login is different than...
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