How to Prevent Air Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Air pollution, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Let us take a nice look to talk about what the aır pollutiıon really is. İ mean the reality is that the issue of air pollution control needs is something that we all are well aware of. But are we facing the exact way that we have to prevent it? Really, its a major problem to the whole of the continent and it can cause a global warming to all over the world. There are three steps that we have to take to solve this air pollution problems: recycling, saving energy and placing factories outside of the city. Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce air pollition. The first step we need to take is that we have to pro duce less to conserve mor energy.second, We see many people throwing things in the roads in our daily life. some of these people foced them to do this with out containers on the road and some others do this by offensıvely. So we have to put containers to every were posible and we have to show the others who do this by consciously. also, we have to work hard to stop what ever can increase air pollition. by the way we have to stop using volotile organic compounds (VOC) which are the gases that are emitted from certain materials. These materials include spray paints, pesticides, glues, permanent markers, etc. Instead of going for materials that contain VOCs, we have to go to the products that contain water as basically or have low levels of VOCs. Second step that we can prevent air pollution is saving energy. Suerly, how much energy we save, reduces the amount of air pollution in the air. simple steps that we can save energy is using les natural gasses, gasoline and electricity which can actually save a lot of fossil fuels. In order to save electricity, we to take small steps like using fans instead of air conditioners, turn off electrical appliances when we leave a room, replace our incandescent lights with fluorescent lights, use solar energy, use a microwave to heat up small meals than burning the gas stove, purchase...
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