How to Prepare to Go Camping

Topics: Tent, Sleeping bag, Camping Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Ashley Dingman
English 1101
October 7, 2012
How to prepare to go Camping
Camping gives an individual an opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy nature. People either love or hate to go camping. I grew up camping every weekend during the summer and loved every minute of it. Camping gives you an opportunity to see places you have never seen before. Experience new things you would not be able to at your own home or in a city. There are a few things that you should do to prepare for camping: plan on where to go, plan how long you will be gone, plan what is going to be needed to take, and the activities to do while there. Planning on where to go camping is the most important step. A person needs to decide whether they want a dry warm area, or an area where there may be a river, lake. Maybe you want a place with trees. There are many campsites throughout the United States prepared for camping. Some people may even want to camp off the traveled path and drive to an unknown place. My favorite place to camp is Falls Crick by Palisades in Idaho. It is a place that is warm during the day but cools off towards the night. It is surrounded with lots of trees to make the scenery a bit more pleasing to the eye. Planning on where you’re going camping is going to affect on what you need to pack for the adventure. That is why it is the most important step. Planning on what you need to take camping can be quite a list. After you have decided where you are going to go, you need to decide on whether you’re going to camp in a tent or a camp trailer. Younger people tend to camp in tents because they can’t afford a trailer where as older people have saved up. If you plan on sleeping in a tent you may want to stick to a dry warm area where as if you were in a trailer you could choose either. The next step would be on how many days you planned on going for. You may choose to take a weeklong trip or just a quick weekend getaway. By choosing how long you will be away for helps you...
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