How to Potty Train a Puppy

Topics: Toilet, Urination, Toilet training Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: October 18, 2010

It is so exciting to get a new little puppy, and bring him home for the first time. Let him run around and play, and get used to his new environment. Puppies need to be trained properly to use the bathroom in certain places. The solution is to get your puppy to either go to the bathroom on a potty pad, or go outside to potty. I used the potty pad method. Owners need to understand that accidents do happen, and owners need to be patient and understanding about these accidents. Problems will happen when potty training puppies. One of the problems is puppies have little bladder control and want to relieve themselves at any given time. This is where the problem begins. Puppies will go on carpets or rugs and if not cleaned properly, the smell of urine will be present to the owner. When puppies go on the carpet, it can be a very frustrating for the owner. The owner needs to clean the carpet thoroughly with an odor eliminating disinfectant. Regular household cleaners will mask the smell from humans, but not from puppies. The cleaners will usually attract the dog back to the same place. I actually called my veterinarian and they said to use a white vinegar and lemon juice spray to help remove the smell.

Potty pad training can be a rewarding experience for both the puppy and owner. I first find the spot on the carpet that has been properly cleaned that the dog has taken a liking to. I place the potty pad there, and show the puppy its location. The puppy needs to be placed on the potty pad after eating, playing, drinking, and waking up. Every few hours or so, I will put the puppy on the pad and say “go potty”. Eventually the puppy will understand after praise or a treat is given what “go potty” means. As much as puppies eat, play, drink, and sleep if the owner places them on the potty pad enough times, sooner or later the puppy will catch onto what it is expected to do.

The owner needs to be very consistent with this process to reinforce...
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