How to Play a Flute

Topics: Flute, Finger, Recorder Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 17, 2007
How to Play a Flute
In this paper I am going to explain to you how to play my musical instrument, a flute. The flute is a woodwind instrument that has been around since before 4,000 BC. There are many types of flutes; some are made of wood and others of medal. The kind I play is a c instrument made of medal. This instrument is considered a woodwind because it is non-directional, which means that the sound goes in all directions at about the same volume. It also is considered a woodwind because the air vibrates through the instrument, much like a reed does. In order to play the flute you must first understand how to put together and hold your instrument. When putting your flute together you first grab the head joint (the one that has a corked end) and the middle joint (the longest piece that has all the keys on it). Make sure your not holding it by the keys, so you don't bend them. The hole of the head joint must be lined up with your first key, and the head joint should be partially out for tuning. Then after that is done get your foot piece (the smallest piece with keys) and attach it to the bottom of the flute. Now that your instrument is assembled, now you must learn how to hold it. Your flute goes to the right side of you body with your left hand on the keys closest to you, and the right hand on the keys near the end of the instrument. Your left fingers should be set on the keys in the following positions. First, your thumb goes on the B flat key, and then your other fingers on that hand follow on the top of the instrument. Your pointer finger goes on the second key closest to the head joint. Then skip one key and place your middle and ring finger on the next two keys, and your pinky goes on the A flat key. When it comes to your right hand position, your thumb goes into the side of the body of the instrument. Then your pinky goes on the first key of the foot joint, the ring finger on the last key of the middle joint, the middle finger on...
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