How to Play the Guitar

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How to Play the Guitar

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Title : How to play guitar
General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: At the end of the speech, you should have a better understanding of the guitar and how to play certain chords. You should also learn how to play the “Happy Birthday” song on the guitar. Thesis: The most important part of the guitar is to know the order of the strings and also to be able to read tablature in order to play any particular song. Attenion getter: Have any of you ever wanted to be a Rock Star at any point of your life? Well, I can’t lie but I did at one point. Introduction: From 6th grade until 8th grade, I took Guitar class with the hopes of starting my own band. Unfortunately, I never got signed to any labels, but I did learn the very basic fundamentals of playing the guitar, reading musical notes, and listening to a lot of good music. Today I will share a couple of very important things that you will need to know about if you still have hopes of becoming a rock star. I. General Dimensions of the Guitar.

A. Most Acoustic guitars are made of wood for sound purposes. B. There are 6 steel or nylon strings running from the headstock of the guitar along the neck, all the way to the bridge. C. The function of the tuners is to tune the strings to their appropriate tone D. Frets separate each individual note that can be played. E. The sound hole is essential for the sound to resonate. F. So now, we can differentiate between the different parts of the Guitar. The most important part is to know where the strings are. II. Strings and frets.

A. From top to bottom strings in standard tuning, the notes increase
from low notes to higher notes.
B. Each note is played by placing a finger on the string in between two
C. Once a finger has pressed down in between the frets, you can strum
using whatever strum pattern you would like across the strings and
making a sound....
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