How to Play Goalie in Soccer

Topics: Learning, Goalkeeper, Skill Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: April 1, 2012
How to Play Goalie in Soccer
Every goalie has different ways that they go about playing their position. On the other hand, most goalies use the same tactics when it comes to game time. The best goalies are ones that have good hands and a fast reaction time. There are some processes that you will need to follow in order to become a good soccer goalkeeper: getting the proper equipment to reading players, catching the ball to punting the ball, and finally, communicating with teammates. Getting the proper equipment is the first thing that is needed for you to become a goalie. Start by finding a soccer store that sells goalie equipment that is perfect for you and is within a good price range. Some of the proper goalie equipment that is needed is goalie gloves, soccer cleats, goalie jersey, and shin guards. Each piece of equipment is used to help protect the goalie from other players and from the ball. After obtaining all the equipment you are ready to step on the field. When on the field it is important to read the opposing players to figure out where they are going to go and how good of a shot they have. Upon completing all of the pregame skills, you now need to learn some in game skills. These skills will help you become a good goalie and help propel your team to victories. One skill needed is to know how to correctly catch a ball that is above your chest. The proper technique is to make your thumbs touch and have your hands form a “W” shape. This is done because it creates the biggest area of coverage to help block or catch the ball. Another skill that is needed is how to punt the ball correctly. To do this correctly, the goalie must drop the ball and kick with your dominant foot but be sure when you kick it towards the sidelines but make sure to keep it inbounds. The final step in learning how to play goalie is the communication with your teammates. First, it is your job to make sure that all the opponents are marked by viewing the field and pointing out to your...
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