How to Play Frisbee

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Ultimate Frisbee Rules and Regulation
Table of contents

Introduction to Frisbee

Basic rules and regulation


Basic throws

Advanced throws

Team Play



Tournament play

How to get involved

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This is an informational booklet to help anyone that is sixteen or older to get involved in ultimate Frisbee, my intent is to inform you on the sport. After reading you will know how to play the game the right way and to let you know about the rules and regulations of the game.

Introduction to Ultimate

The games of Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that includes a lot of concepts from many other sports like football and soccer but throwing some new stuff that make the sport its own. Right now Ultimate Frisbee is the fastest growing sport in the nation and it continues to gain momentum in becoming nationally recognized as a sport. But on an international level the sport is played in leagues and tournaments almost all year round with some of the best players from every corner of the globe playing to win trophies and bragging rights for the year

Basic Rules and Regulations

• Basic Rules involve the following
1. When a player has possession of the disc they will be unable to take any steps, but they can pivot on one foot as long as that foot doesn’t leave the ground. 2. There will only be 7 players from each team on the field at any time 3. Each team must have a distinctive team color as the separate each team and to help identify which team they are on 4. After a player catches the disc they will be able to take three momentum steps if they have no time to stop. Any more steps will result in a travel cause a turn over and the other team will start with the disc where the call was made. • Regulations

1. Field length is 64 meters with 26 meters end zones on either side of the field. 2. The width of the field is 37 meters
3. The disc must be the regulation weight of 175 grams

Fouls include the following
1. Take any steps after coming to a complete stop after getting the disc will result in traveling causing a possession change. 2. Any contact with another player with a disc resulting in a turn will be called as a interference foul resulting in the disc being taken back to the original thrower and the stall count starting at 3 or 0 depending if the defense contest the call or doesn’t contest it. 3. Each player has possession of vertical space, this means any space above them is theirs, it an opposing player enters with space when trying to catch the disc and interferes with the player catching disc will cause an interference foul 4. Hitting the disc out of the opposing players hands is striping and the disc will be given back to the play and the stall count restarted 5. Blocking a player from making a defensive play is considered picking and will cause the disc to be reset to the player who threw it before the call. Basic throws

• Forehand
This throw is the most recognizable throw. Usually this is how most people would throw a Frisbee because it is the easiest throw to master in short amount of time. [pic]
• Backhand
This is another throw that is very common among the ultimate community is the backhand. This is is thrown how you would throw a baseball, but instead of throwing it with a vertical motion you throw it with a horizontal motion. The trick to this throw is to rotate your wrist way from your body to really add spin to the disc so that it will fly straight and in the direction you want it to go. [pic]

Advanced Throws
• Hammer
This is one of the easier advanced throws, you take the disc like your going to throw a forehand but instead of horazontaly throwing it, you throw if at more of a vertical direction causing the disc to flip up side down and curve to where you want it to go [pic]...
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