How to Play Football

Topics: American football, Canadian football, American football positions Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: May 19, 2013
It is the final play of the game, as the Spartans are one play away of advancing to the playoffs. The quarterback drops back he looks for an open receiver; he finds one, he releases the ball. The crowd watches in awe. As the ball drops into the receivers hands and he tip-toes into the end-zone for the game winning touchdown. It is these situations in a game that make me love football. Most people know what football is, but many do not know how it is played. Today I will be breaking down the game piece by piece. One of the two most important part of football is offense. Offense is important to the game because it provides excitement. All the great catches, runs, and throws make the crowd interested whenever the offense is on the field. Those great plays would not be made without a game plan. A game plan is how the offense wants attack the defense. Without a game plan the offense would not be prepared and not make any of the exciting plays that the fans love to see. The main positions on offense are lineman, quarterback, wide receiver, and running back. The lineman protect the running back and quarterback. The wide receivers block on running plays and run routes to catch the ball on passing plays. The quarterback is like the coach on the field he directs the team to make amazing plays. Without a good quarterback the entire offense while running around like its head is cutoff. Lastly, the mental and physical parts of the game. A good offense consists of strong lineman, athletic receivers and running backs, and a mobile quarterback. Those are the basics of offense. The second part of the game is defense. If you are a experienced football fan you probably have heard the cliche “defense wins champions ships.” In most football analysts opinions that statement is true. Without a solid defense a team will never be great. The thing that makes defense exciting are all of the bone crushing hits. The crowd loves to see the players slowly get up and limp with pain. These...
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