How to Plant a Tree

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How to Plant a Tree

Trees are great boons that can improve the quality of our human life. They help to ease soil erosion, clean the polluted air, and provide shade and windbreaks. Moreover, some researchers suggest that trees also provide emotional and mental benefits. One study has revealed that with a view of trees, patients in the hospital are able to recover faster than those without it. Another study has shown that students with a view of a tree through their classroom and bedroom windows can study better. So why don’t we plant trees around our school or home? Maybe the reason is that planting a tree is difficult, but you still can do it without failure if you follow these four steps.

The first step is choosing a planting site that has room to grow upward and outward. You should not plant your tree around underground piping since the roots might damage it. Also, your trees should not be planted near power and telephone wires. But if you want so, you should plant a tree that would not grow fast and tall. Moreover, if you want to plant a large tree like oak, you should not plant it next to your house; instead plant it further away from the house, so it has a chance to grow fully.

After you have identified where you would like to plant a tree, tree selection is the second step. In this step, you have to choose a tree that is well suited to your climate. Some trees are adapted to the particular rainfall and temperature of your location, so they will thrive easily, but some trees are not. Moreover, you need to consider whether you prefer to plant a deciduous, a coniferous, or a fruit and nut bearing tree. Assessing the site conditions such as shade, soil, or near power lines can help to identify what the perfect tree is for your...
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