How to Plan a Child's Birthday Party

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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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How to Plan a Child’s Birthday Party
It is that time of year again; your child’s birthday is just around the corner. There is so much to do to get ready for their party, but where does one begin? Planning a child’s birthday party can be fun, exciting and sometimes hectic. However, the anticipation that we as parents feel waiting for our child’s reaction outweighs most of the problems that might arise. When planning a child’s birthday party there are many important details to remember: the theme, location, guest list, decorations and menu.

First, you should decide on a theme, it is very important to planning a successful party. Without a theme there would be no party to plan. If the child is old enough they can choose what theme they want to have. My son has chosen his theme since he was three years old, so now we are starting to run out of themes. Otherwise, you the parent can chose something the child shows interest in. The theme is what the rest of the ideas for the party stem from including the invitations, decorations, cake design, and even the games. This helps make the planning and preparations simpler by narrowing down the choices.

Next it is time to decide on a date, place, and time to have the party. Most people have the party child’s party on the weekend for convenience of the parent’s schedule. Once you have picked a date and time you will need to check to make sure the location you want will be available. If you need to reserve a place, be sure to call at least a month in advance to better your chances of getting it. When you’re deciding on the location for the party try choosing a place that you know your child will enjoy, such as a favorite park, a familiar hang out spot or at your own home.

Another important detail to keep in mind is the guest list. Always be sure to only invite people that your child knows and likes. Have the child help you write out the guest list this helps avoid unwanted guests. Also keep in mind that you can never...
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