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  • Published: March 9, 2014
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There is a girl for you everywhere you go, but you must get clear and open your eyes.  This is so far outside most guy's reality that it almost seems impossible. Just like making a million dollars is completely outside of most everyone's reality. The only difference between a guy like me and a guy that is not great with women is I think differently and I do different things. I don't worry about using cute pick up lines or weird routines or tricks.  That is the same with someone that is poor compared to the guy down the street that is rich.  The truth is that you can be rich and you can be a ladies man. But you have to start thinking differently and start doing different things. That means, yes - you do have to change, you're not changing who you are as a person, you are not trying to be someone else, you are simply working at becoming the best man that you can be. You cannot stay where you are, think the way you have in the past, do the things you currently do and expect to become great with women.  Nor can you put your focus on women 100%, that puts too much pressure on an outcome and you become outcome oriented.  Drop all those routines or funny or cute pick up lines too.  Women are just a byproduct of becoming a sexually desirable high value guy. Like I talk about in my Magnetic Mindset program, men and women are like magnets, we naturally attract each other. It is the law of attraction in its finest form.  The only way you can become a true ladies man is by getting out of your head and becoming clear.   There are many so called dating experts out there giving guys advice such as openers, cute pick up lines and routines etc...and all this does is keeps you in your head and actually prevents you from having a real connection.  Don't be fooled by this misconception that you have to do a ton of work to get a girl.  Meeting women is actually a lot of fun and is exciting.  Yes you do have to do some work but it is not learning how to talk, you already know how to...
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