How to Perform a Self Assessment

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  • Published: July 24, 2011
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Self Assessment 1

Individual Self Assessment
Jennifer D. Williams
MGT 604 Organizational Behavior
Ken Pinaire
August 27, 2010

Individual Self Assessment 2
The following is the result of my individual self assessment. Active Listening Skills Inventory
My score was 45 out of 75. The assessment score indicates that I am not as good of a listener as I think I am. The area I need to focus on is learning how to be more attentive when listening. It also says that I need to focus more on a person when they are talking and allow them to finish their ideas without interruption. Appreciating and Valuing Diversity

The score for me in this area was 48/50. The score indicates that I have an understanding of the importance of valuing diversity. I exhibit behavior according to the score of being supportive and appreciative to diversity. There is a tendency sometimes to not hear people out when they do not think like I do. I do not like to engage in conversations that I perceive to be ignorant or a waste of time. This is definitely true. Assessing How Personality Type Impacts Your Goal-Setting Skills According to the Hartman Personality Profile I am motivated by intimacy with a code color of blue. There is a need to be understood, appreciated, accepted and am morally good. I want to please others, reveal insecurities, and want to feel secure. As a goal setter, I am highly disciplined personally and professionally. I am goal-oriented. Plans are well thought out in detail and have superb follow through. Assessing Your Creative Quotient

A score of 43/48 is revealed. It suggests that I am highly creative. This area is used to describe how the human brain is split into 2 halves with each having its own special abilities. According to the score the source of my creative thinking is to look at brain lateralization. Individual Self Assessment 3

Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence
The score of 85 suggests I have a relatively high...
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