How to Parallel Park

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So you’re learning how to drive and want me to teach you how to parallel park? Ok then let’s see how this is going to work.

First, we're going to start off easy on an empty street and start out by parking the car along an empty curb. Now that you have done that we can try to parallel park behind a car that's already parked. Then you will try parking your car between two cars with ample space between them of course. As you get better at that and grow more comfortable, you can try to parallel park between cars that are closer to each other.

Now let’s get started, to parallel park your car behind another car or between cars, first use your turn signal and pull up alongside the car until your rear bumpers are aligned. You should always back into a parallel parking spot; if parking between two cars, you should begin alongside the front car. Make sure your car is parallel to the other car and a couple feet from it.

With your foot on the brake, put your car into reverse. Before backing up, check to make sure there are no cars foolishly on your bumper. If you use your turn signal and have pulled up alongside another car, it should be obvious to them that you're trying to parallel park. But we all know that some drivers are not very aware of what’s going on around them. So check your mirrors and look around just in case.

Slowly remove your foot from the brake. Just as it begins to roll backward, turn your wheel sharply in the direction of the curb, so that your car begins rolling toward the curb. There's no set rule as to how much you have to turn the wheel. The generally advice is to turn the wheel considerably at first - maybe even as far as it will go.

Often, when there is only one car along the curb, you have ample space behind it and won't have to crank the wheel much to angle your car into the space. The more space there is for parking behind the other car, the less severely you'll need to turn your wheel. If there's very little space - whether due...
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