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Basketball is a popular sport played by millions of people all around the world. Shooting the basketball is an important part of the sport since it is how you score, and to be a good player it is imperative to learn how to shoot properly and with good form. Learning to shoot correctly will elevate your game tremendously.

A good shot starts from the ground and goes up. You need to make sure your feet are a little more than shoulder-length apart with your right foot (or left foot if you’re left-handed) slightly forward. Then, with your feet in the right position, bend your knees until you are in a comfortable and athletic position. You don’t want to bend your knees so much that you are uncomfortable, yet you don’t want to keep them too straight or you will be unstable.

The next part of your shot is how you hold the ball with your hands. To shoot correctly you must put your shooting hand underneath the ball with the ball on your fingertips and on the top pad of your hand, which is right under your fingers. Make sure the ball is NOT in the palm of your hand. Putting the ball in your palm will limit the amount of backspin the ball can have when it is in the air. With your off hand, or your “guide” hand, you put it on the side of the basketball. You don’t do much with this hand other than stabilize the ball; you DO NOT use this hand to push the ball. This will throw the ball to the left or right and put the ball off course.

Your arms are probably the most important part of your shot, yet it is the hardest portion of the shot to do correctly and takes practice to master. Now, with your shooting hand under the ball, your forearm should be straight and under the ball, not off to the side. Your shooting elbow should be at ninety degrees also. You should slightly turn your shoulders, kind of like you are shooting a gun, so the shoulder of your shooting arm is pointed towards the goal a little more. All that you do with your off arm is hold the ball steady. Now...
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