How to Overcome Obesity

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Obesity: Causes, Consequences, & Resolutions
I can recall the very first time I heard the word “Obese”. I was ten years old at our family doctor’s office. My mother, brothers, and I were sitting in the room waiting to see the doctor. The doctor arrived he performed examinations on my brothers and I. Once he finished he began talking to our mother about my weight and how I needed to lose some pounds. He expressed concerns about me becoming obese by the time I was a teenager. I remember looking at my mother’s face and how shocked she was to hear him say that. Then she scolded me about not eating candy and fatty foods. I felt horrible, embarrassed, and ashamed of how I looked. My brothers whom are younger than I thought it was funny. As soon as we got home they began teasing me repeating the words obese, obese, obese, and obese. I started chasing them and yelling for them to stop. I was really hurt by what they were saying, so I waited until night time to cry myself to sleep. That memory has been stuck in my mind, and I will never forget it.

Obesity in today’s society is a disease that has reached epidemic proportions. In the United States, it is estimated that 93 million people are considered obese. (Obesity Action Coalition, 2010) By educating the population on the causes of obesity and its consequences, can be the first step in combating this terrible disease. There are several resolutions available to those among our population who suffer with obesity. I will demonstrate why obesity is such a problem and what can be done to help combat it.

In order to understand how to assist those who suffer with obesity, we must first understand what it is. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated, causing an adverse effect on a person’s health (CDC 2010). The way that a person is determined to be obese is by measuring the amount of body fat based on the height and weight of a person. This measurement is called the Body Mass Index (BMI). (CDC, 2010) There are different levels of obesity, which are overweight, obese, morbid obesity, super obesity, and super-super obesity.

Obesity is a widespread the problem affecting our young people in the United States. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a great way of explaining information in such a way that it is easy for people to understand and comprehend. There is a lot of information that is given, and it is more easily explained through the use of more pictures and less words. When I was younger I didn’t have a clue about how to lose weight. All I was told was not to eat sweets. It was hard when my mother did the grocery shopping, and bought home sweets. I used to sneak and hide snacks to eat late at night. When my late night snacking was discovered I would get punished. In the long run my mother thought her punishing method was helping me. I’ve often wondered if my mother would have been more involved with me being healthy could my obesity have been controlled. I’ve always wondered why I didn’t have the same body type as my mother. Now my mother wasn’t a very thin lady but she wasn’t a size fourteen either. I’ve struggled with weight issues all of my life. My grandmother has told me all my life to lose weight. Often she would say, “Cute in the face thick in the waste”. I used to think to myself, is something wrong with me? Why can’t my family love me for me? Now that I’m older I realized that a lot of my weight gain was tied to my emotions. I’ve recognized that anytime I’m depressed I eat. The more I eat the more weight I gain. As a child my father was in and out of my life, and I compensated my feelings about him with food. I held a lot of resentment against my mother’s family, because of the things they said about my weight. I decided I didn’t want to look like them when I got older. I chose to be fat, so I gained even more weight. Even now being at my heaviest...
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