How to Organize Project Staff

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How to organize project staff:



Abstract Project management in software development requires teamwork regardless the size of the project. The project manager can assist in taking control of a project. Managing the project team comprises of a variety of components and one of the most crucial is setting up and organizing that project team. In management of the project team, the person in charge should have excellent organizational and analytical skills (Zelkowitz, 2007). This paper takes an indepth look at what must be done so at to organize the project staff. It places special emphasis on the different steps, as well as questions required to be considered in the process of organizing the staff in software application development projects.



A technological proficiency in a specialist area of the project is a distinct advantage for the project manager. Prior to creation of the team project, it is advisable to carefully plan the project scope and consider future paths for growth, modification, and maintenance of a project staff. Although the project may attain its outcome via people, it is a number of individuals working harmoniously in a coordinated manner that generates the desired outcomes (Fairley, 2011). If the right decisions are made in organizing the project team, the project manager will be way ahead in implementation a successful project. The following steps are crucial in organizing a successful project staff. 1. Develop a task list of items that are needed to successfully complete the project. During this time, all required tasks are clarified. 2. Set the timeline for the project. If a deadline has not been provided, then one may need to set it, in addition to, other milestones in a project. One may also require setting a given timeline for tasks in a project, ensuring that that he or she completes these tasks in the sequential order where applicable. 3. Secure all necessary resources needed to ensure the project is successful. Resources such as equipment and funds are available and easily accessible to the project staff. Management should be communicated with as soon as possible to express what resources are needed by the project for it to be successful. 4. Create a role list that is needed to be filled by the staff members. For instance, one may require two sales people, as well as a marketing manager in smoothly organizing the staffs. Besides each and every role, one should list the tasks which a person may be working on in the project.



5. Establish who in the organization may work well on the project team with the roles which are needed to be filled, as well as the task which should be completed. It is advisable to try to acquire the best individuals on board, in consideration of who work effectively together once a team is been formed. 6. Communicate the plan with the project staffs as soon as possible. This is the final step in the organization of a successful project staff and probably the most significant. Ensure that each and every individual realize what they do independently and what the whole group is attempting to accomplish wholly. After the above steps are taken, there is a question which needs to be addressed for the success of the project. Does the functionality of the engineered software change drastically? If the future work brings about newer technologies or considerable newer software functionality, you might want to generate a fresh team project. Fresh functionality or technology might need extremely different testing, work flows, build scripts, and a lot more which would in turn, need significant changes to the present process guidance or process template (Smyth, Gustafsson & Ganskau, 2010). The behavior of project staff may get in the way of successfully completing the desired software project. If the project team is...
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