How to Obtain a Successful Blood Draw

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Clarissa Aquino
Professor Baines
Com 113
04 March 2013
Speech Two: Informative
Specific Purpose: To teach how to obtain a successful blood draw. Central Idea: In order to have a successful blood draw the technician need to choose the right equipment for the patient, knowing which vein is best for blood draw and properly dressing the puncture wound. Introduction

I.I bet you didn’t know for those who are not in the medical field that I can teach you how to draw blood in less than four minutes or less. II.Anyone that has had his or her blood drawn probably had a bad experience at one point. Knowing what to expect during blood draw might help your doubts and fears. III.I can tell you that I have done over 500 blood draws and it is a different experience each time. With each new experience I learn a new technique. IV.I will go over equipment used during blood draw, choosing a good vein and properly dressing the patient’s puncture wound before he or she leaves the building. Body

I.In order to make the patient feel at ease, get all equipment ready and keep extra equipment in your pockets for easy access. A.Equipment needed for blood draw are gauze, tourniquet, alcohol wipe, coban, vacutainer or butterfly, tubes ordered and gloves. II.When choosing the vein, it is wise to pick one that bounces to the touch and visible to the naked eye. A.First choose the arm you will be doing the blood draw then apply tourniquet. It cannot be too tight where blood flow is restricted. It is important to know that the tourniquet cannot be left on more than one minute because it changes the composition of the blood. B.Wipe the area with alcohol, take the safety off the needle and with one fluid motion insert the needle in the vein almost flushed to the arm so as not to puncture through the vein. C.Insert tubes ordered by doctor. At this time if blood in not flowing in the tube, the technician will have to re-adjust the needle slowly without completely taking it out to...
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